Anonymous asked: I usually have to stay up late for projects and homework and I'm pre-IB, but my mom hates it and gets really angry when I stay up even past 11. What am I supposed to do in actual IB?

You have two options. Either have a calm discussion with her about how much homework IB gives you and how it’s impossible to maintain good grades and a healthy social life without staying up at least mildly late OR do your homework in downtime. Work on it every chance you get. Have study groups where you get together with other IB friends and work on homework and projects. If you work on your stuff early and often, I promise you won’t have to stay up past 11. Unless you’re in EVERY sport and EVERY extra curricular club.


Anonymous asked: I have my IB exams in about a month, do you have any useful tips on how to study and maintain focus? AND HOW TO STOP FREAKING OUT. Thanks

Oh gosh, I’ll try my best here.
Make sure you use all of the review materials your teachers give you. They’re all worth it. Don’t stay up until the crack of dawn studying; get your sleep, get your breakfast, and stay sane. When you get to the test, just take a few deep breaths and don’t think about anyone else in the room. If you start to feel freaked out, set your pencil down, close your eyes, and just breathe. You have plenty of time for most of the tests. Just try to relax and stay on task. You’ll do great!

Also, study groups help a lot. If you or any of your friends have the actual IB guide book for studying that you can buy on your own, get together and review everything in that book. It saved my life for my IB Biology test!  :)

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Anonymous asked: I have a question. I am taking HL Biology this upcoming year. I haven't had biology since my freshman year and I'm going to be a junior. I don't really remember much, and the only reason I took HL Bio is because HL Chem seemed way to difficult. What do you suggest I do?

I think this depends on the quality of your teacher. My teacher junior year knew so much, but he taught so little and my senior year teacher was a dink. If your teacher is good, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I would recommend looking into getting the IB Biology guide. I used it to study for my IB Biology test this past year and without it, I am positive I would have failed.


Anonymous asked: To the anon who just asked...honestly for me it was all about efficiency. My school is notoriously known for it's IB program so of course there tons of rumors about not sleeping and getting stressed out. BUT, it's possible to do it! I went through all of junior year with at least 8 hours of sleep a night (didn't even pull an allnighter once!) but only because I planned my time well. There will be stress but with a little responsibility you'll get stuff done!


Anonymous asked: Hello fellow IBers. I have a question or two. I'm going into my junior year of IB, and I was wondering if all of the rumors are true. Meaning having no sleep at all, so much homework, mental breakdowns, no social life, etc. And also, is it really as bad as people proclaim it is?

Well, I’m sure it differs a little according to which school you go to. AT my school, as long as you actually did your reading assignments, it really wasn’t that bad. You do get sleep, as a matter of a fact, I recommend you get at least six hours of sleep a night, no matter what you have left to do. That way, you’ll retain what you already learned instead of trying to cram it all. Now, homework, you have a TON of reading every night. But that’s usually all there is. Occasionally I got a worksheet, but I had longer to fill it out than I had to complete the reading, so that wasn’t a big deal. Social life is a hard one. If you’re in sports or theatre or basically any after school activity, say goodbye to having a social life outside of the weekends. Even some weekends you’ll be busy because of huge projects that you procrastinated against. Your social life will become IB. When I graduated, I watched every student get up and get their diploma and honestly, I forgot the majority of them existed because they weren’t in IB. I know I’m probably making it sound awful, but it isn’t terrible. Some nights, you will get extremely stressed out and depending on your current mental state, you might have a breakdown but that doesn’t happen often at all. You’ll be fine, I promise. When you’re done, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. 

P.S. One last tip, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT procrastinate on your Extended Essay. If you do, your last two weeks of summer will be Hell.

I’m going to try and ignore the fact that I made two 24s, but it’s not working. This is an IB problem of its own.